Book to movie adaptions.

We all have that one book that we love and wish would be adapted into a movie. There’s certain books that we love that have been turned in to a movie but you wish they hadn’t.
For me I will always choose to read a book before watching a movie, this way I get to imagine characters, buildings and objects in my head and have my own perception of it, when I see the movie I want all of that to come to life. There’s always a 50/50 chance of the movie going off the rails.
One of my favourite book to movie adaptions is of course the Harry Potter Series, I love the world in the books and I love it just as much on the screen. Granted, a few characters are missing, lines may have changed and your favourite bits may not shown, but you have to admit they didn’t do a bad job.
Then we have the hunger games, I loved the books and I fell in love with the characters, the movies were not what I expected but they were equally as great and I enjoy watching them every time.
Divergent. I’m not proud of this but I actually watched the movie prior (ha) to the book (please don’t hate me). I then read the book and learnt my lesson. They missed out quite a lot, although some characters and chapters may not be necessary to the plot, I loved knowing more than the just the plot of the movie. When I watched the movie again I found myself turning into a stereotypical book nerd by talking through the the movie about what happened in the book; who really said that line, what they were supposed to say, in the book they really… Etc. I read the rest of the series and found it amazing, so obviously when Insurgent came out on DVD I went out and brought it, although it had been some time since reading the book, I didn’t recognise most of what was going on so I didn’t enjoy it as much.
Another one of my personal favourites is To Kill A Mockingbird, I had wanted to read this book for the longest time, when I finally got it I could not put in down. I then got the movie and it was just as amazing if not better.
One of my favourite stand alone novels, and one of the first books that got be back into reading was John Green’s Paper Towns. I loved this book and I still do, I love the characters, the adventures and the quirky things people say and do. So naturally when the movie can out in cinemas I was there. I loved it, of course it wouldn’t be a book to movie adaption if there weren’t bits missing or modified but over all I really enjoyed it.
Wouldn’t it just be easier to turn every book into a to series. One chapter equals one episode and one book equals one season? Then maybe it will be perfect. Of course there are more books that have been turned into movies or tv shoes than what I have mentioned that I am yet to discover. What are some of your favourites? What adaptions do you hate and what book do you hope makes it to the big screen?

Happy October everybody. (Sorry it’s late) 


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